Poppie Nongena

Jenny Griesel Communications managed the full publicity campaign for the legacy film Poppie Nongena which released in South African cinemas in January 2020, and on DSTV BoxOffice in June 2020. This involved an extensive, energetic PR drive to ensure that this film was unmissable to cinema goers.

Achievements in this campaign included:

  • Widespread publicity across English, Afrikaans and Vernacular media
  • Several largescale publicity features including multiple television inserts and prime- time radio interviews on national and regional radio
  • Talent tours including cast and director to reach regional media in various provinces
  • A media partnership with Rooi Rose magazine which yielded a cover feature and 6 month’s spread of coverage
  • Multiple awards at both the SAFTA Awards and Silwerskerm Film Festival
  • Tactical activations at strategically chosen events
  • A red carpet premiere event that was filled to capacity with media and influencers