Geneway TV advert production

Geneway breaks DNA down to ABC in clever new television campaign

Genetic testing company, Geneway briefed Jenny Griesel Communications to conceptualize and produce a series of clever television advertisements that would make lifestyle DNA testing accessible to the consumer market. Through three different executions, the adverts aimed to demystify the process of DNA testing, and convey the message that using an understanding of your DNA to live your best life, is not nearly as complicated as people think.

Geneway breaks DNA down to ABC in clever new television campaign

The adverts are designed to attract attention through simple scenarios: a small boy outsmarting his grandfather in a game of scrabble, a studious young girl revealed behind a thick book in an academic study teaming with certificates, and a young school pupil, who when asked by her teacher where it all began, writes on the board, "DNA".

“The intention is to convey the message, that with Geneway, understanding your DNA is truly as easy as ABC,” said Dr Christa North, Genetic specialist at Geneway South Africa. ”With our genetic testing facility right here in South Africa, Geneway offers a range of genetic tests that will teach you how to adapt your lifestyle, diet and environment to live your best life.”

As flattering as it is to be complimented on having inherited good genes from an aesthetic point of view, it’s the converse when it comes to illnesses. That’s why you are always asked to fill out medical forms asking if there is a history of a particular illness in the family. Given the advances in technology, Geneway is now able to provide invaluable information where your health is concerned. The tests pick up a possible predisposition to cancer, diabetes, heart problems and more. You can also test for exercise responsiveness, inflammation, blood clotting, oxidative stress, obesity risk, circadian rhythms, cholesterol metabolism and vitamin B metabolism. The list also includes dementia, detoxification, sport potential, response to certain medications, bone health, dietary fat sensitivity, heart disease and homocysteine metabolism.

Knowledge in this instance is not just empowering, it promotes a longer, healthier and happy life. That kind of wellness liberation is priceless in the long run.

The adverts were filmed on locations in Pretoria, produced by Jenny Griesel Communications, and directed by award-winning director and cinematographer Gerhard van Rooyen.

Doing a Geneway genetic test is as simple as a buccal swab in the mouth, and test results are available within 14 days. It truly is as easy as ABC.

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