Don't just do it. Do it well!- Jenny Griesel -
If your solution is not unique, you might not have found the solution yet.- Jenny Griesel -
We all have the potential to achieve success. Make yours unique.- Jenny Griesel -
Let your success be your signature.- Jenny Griesel -
There is beauty in the world, you just need to open your heart to see it.- Jenny Griesel -
Public Relations
Jenny Griesel Communications offers expert publicity and public relations services to upmarket brands and high-profile individuals. Drawing on our extensive network of media relations, we are able to secure excellent exposure for brands to make use of publicity to meet their objectives. All elements of the process from publicity strategy, to writing, to bespoke media targeting, to placement, media management and reporting are managed with attention to detail. We also work with a team of expert photographers and stylists to craft the best publicity photographs to assist with building your brand.
Corporate Communications
When it comes to corporate communications, we believe that communication within itself is part of a wider strategy. But it’s not only external communications, the public face of the corporation that matters. This is why, at Jenny Griesel Communications, we use our expertise to ensure that all messaging is coherent and credible, building bridges between key departments, staff and stakeholders. From internal newsletters that speak the language of the corporate culture to writing annual reports, we know how to elevate your corporate communications to the next level.
Influencer Marketing
From food to fashion, technology and travel, Jenny Griesel Communications has tapped into the ever-evolving influence marketing space. We can help you craft beautiful branded content, with the most influential profiles, to increase social engagement and interactions. Using our influencer community, which consist of trendsetters, opinion leaders, journalists, academics, industry experts, professional advisers and more, we’ll help you improve conversations and gain valuable customer insights and data. We can develop an influencer marketing strategy that integrates seamlessly with your existing marketing to increase brand exposure and relevance.
Social Media
Social media is no longer simply a marketing channel. It’s one of our most important customer experience touchpoints (be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, or all of them). It’s both a tool for understanding the moments of truth in the customer journey, and a channel for improving customer service. At Jenny Griesel Communications, our focus is on listening and engaging with our audiences to create meaningful connections and content that adds value, not clutter.
We also understand that analytics matter, which is why we’re equipped to give you in-depth reporting and insights across all social media channels.
Public Speaking
With the growth of live content, being able to communicate beyond digital is key to personalizing brand experiences. At Jenny Griesel Communications, we can help you find and secure the best speaking opportunities for your business, ensuring you connect with the right people at the right events. Finding the right speaking events can be time-consuming, so let Jenny Griesel Communications do all the hard work for you.
Jenny Griesel delivers a riveting key note address on personal branding and how to use PR to build brands. Enquire about this opportunity for your business today.
Marketing Strategy
Let Jenny Griesel Communications create a marketing strategy that will give your business the edge. If you’re looking for a long-term approach which will deliver competitive advantage, we know how to get you there. Our team of dynamic marketing strategists know how to develop and deliver strategic integrated marketing campaigns that produce results. With Jenny Griesel Communications , you can be ensured that your marketing strategies are achievable through a mix of commercial know-how and marketing expertise.
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