There was massive anticipation in the lead-up to the release of the new Afrikaans movie, “Susters,” also called the first proper Afrikaans “chick flick,” for women by women, and the opening weekend box office did not disappoint. The production team were blown away with the reaction to the movie on its opening weekend. With quite a few big Afrikaans movies having been released over the last year, initial numbers suggest that “Susters” is the biggest Afrikaans movie since December 2016 when it comes to opening weekend figures. Susters opened at double the box office of ‘Jagveld’ and ‘Kampterrein’, 32% higher than ‘Vuil Wagoed’ and 51% higher than ‘Vaselinetjie’ in their respective opening week-ends.

Judging by movie goers’ reactions on the SUSTERS FILM Facebook page, the movie has succeeded in its goal to tell a feel-good story… one of how three adopted sisters who drifted apart, all go on a journey of discovery after the death of their mother. It’s a journey filled with precious memories, interesting characters, incredibly beautiful places and loads of fun. There’s also some eye candy in the form of Afrikaans singer Jo Black and actor Sean-Marco Vorster who plays the part of the mom’s gorgeous nurse.

On Facebook, Sandra Bantjes called the movie “Absolutely fantastic,” and Marianne Gouws felt it’s the “Best Afrikaans movie in years... and the nature scenes!!! It’s definitely worth seeing.” And according to Felicity Adams, she “Loved the movie, filled with emotion, lots of fun and laughter and also a bit sad somewhat, a must-see everyone.” This kind of feed-back naturally fills the team, including the three main actresses Leah, Quanita Adams and Diaan Lawrenson, with a true sense of accomplishment.

It’s a movie for women, made by a predominantly female team. The screenplay was written by Corine du Toit and Sandra Vaughan who, together, have a number of successful TV and movie screenplays behind their names. It’s also not every day you hear of a woman being in charge of cinematography, but thanks to Sunel Haasbroek, we get a unique view on how the sisters experience the world around them. Co-producer of “Susters” is Jenny Griesel, well-known for her work with South African celebrities and media. In fact, the only thorns in the group are co-producer Johan Vorster who also took care of the soundtrack, and director Corné van Rooyen, known for his work on “Hollywood in my huis” and “Vaselinetjie.”

The great news for everyone wanting to catch “Susters” on the big screen, is that more movie theatres will be added in the coming weekend, including East Rand Mall, Mooi Rivier in Potchefstroom, Bay West in Port Elizabeth, The Victorian in Newcastle and Swakopmund in Namibia. Bring your sisters, friends, moms, aunts and daughters and come and enjoy the chick flick of the year!

“Susters” was made possible through the proud collaboration between Inhoud Huis Media, kykNET Films and Sarie Magazine.

Jenny Griesel Communications managed the full publicity, social media and marketing campaign for Susters Film.

April 2018